It started with a simple idea, and ended up changing everything.

More than 40 years ago, a handful of independently owned distribution companies figured out that a collaborative partnership would allow them to expand their services to include large regional customers. Just like that, the core concept of NETWORK® was born: multiple resources, centrally managed, working together to deliver unprecedented efficiency and dedicated service.

Over the years, the alliance has grown to include more than 75 independent distributors with operations in 44 countries. As new distributors join NETWORK, our collective skill set grows. That’s how NETWORK has become a leading expert in specialized markets such as healthcare, foodservice and commercial real estate.

NETWORK is founded as Network Services, Inc. and begins serving large regional accounts

NETWORK begins serving national accounts

The National Paper and Plastics subsidiary is created to stock customer-specific products

With $35MM in Corporate Account sales, NETWORK outgrows its existing office space and relocates headquarters to Mount Prospect, IL

The NetPrint subsidiary is created to focus on the needs of commercial printers

NETWORK reports $250MM in Corporate Account sales

NETWORK forges strategic alliances with European distribution groups; INPACS, specializing in janitorial and sanitation and Igepa Group, specializing in commercial printing

Wood Wyant joins NETWORK, establishing a significant janitorial and sanitation presence in Canada

NETWORK reports Corporate Account sales of $573MM

Key Quimica joins NETWORK, establishing a significant presence in Mexico

CEK joins NETWORK, establishing a significant presence in Central America

NETWORK expands global presence in Brazil

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