We help customers clean up their supply chains and improve operations.

Our business is about reducing supply chain costs, improving service levels and optimizing our customers’ regional and national supply chain systems.

NETWORK® team members are skilled problem-solvers who are adept at understanding, implementing and servicing complex, tailored distribution systems.

Questions NETWORK customers frequently ask:

How can you help simplify my supply systems?

At NETWORK, our customers work with a single point of contact; that resource is backed by a sophisticated support system designed to manage all facets of the customer relationship - from order to delivery and billing. We utilize a single advanced technology platform to ensure program and product compliance and centralized pricing control. We also offer flexible billing options like local, national or integrated summary billing, tailoring the solutions to your specific business needs.

How can you help me reduce costs?

NETWORK’s system is designed to optimize customers’ buying patterns by analyzing purchasing history, conducting facility assessments and implementing best practices. With this data, our representatives help customers reduce inventory, eliminate waste, increase efficiency, and improve overall operations.

How can you help me monitor and manage program compliance?

As a service provider for large corporate accounts, we understand the importance of monitoring ordering activities across multiple sites. With NETWORK’s ordering and supply management portal, our customers can feel secure that their built-in business rules and automatic budget alerts are monitoring program compliance 24/7. Plus, with real-time reporting, our customers have visibility into site-specific ordering activities whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

How do you document and track continuous improvement processes and cost savings?

Critical business issues like cost savings and continuous improvement processes require a consultative approach. NETWORK team members are skilled problem-solvers, and they work side-by-side with customers to incorporate practices for achieving business goals. We utilize a number of tools to drive our customers’ successes, including: quarterly business reviews, sku rationalization and product optimization analyses, supplier reduction evaluations, and cost in use calculators. This data is captured, reported and measured on a regular basis with documented action plans and results tracking.

What system features will be available during the order entry process?

NETWORK tailors the order entry experience for each customer. We offer a number of features, including: single or multiple-location ordering, personalized shopping lists, budgeting and approvals, product specifications and usage guidelines, and a library of Material Safety Data Sheets for many items.

What types of reporting tools are available?

The robust reporting system offered through NETWORK can be tailored to a customer’s unique needs. By consolidating purchase history data from multiple sites into a single platform, our customers have complete visibility into their supply chain activities – even down to the item level. With this degree of accurate and timely data, our customers are able to make more informed business decisions. Some of the most popular reporting features include: single or multiple location order history reporting, category management analytics and spend reporting.

What can you do to help me improve customer satisfaction?

As a category specialist with more than 40 years of experience, we have created proprietary programs designed to elevate the standards for cleanliness and sanitation, operational efficiency, and cost containment. With healthier, cleaner, more sustainable facilities, our customers make a better impression. Plus, improved efficiency and expense reduction means our customers can do more for their customers with less.

I have multiple locations across the country with unique requirements, how can you help?

No two customers are alike, and at NETWORK we pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to develop a flexible, responsive distribution system that can grow and change with their needs. We specialize in servicing customers with multiple sites, and with more than 600 locations worldwide, NETWORK has the reach of a major distributor but with the local market support your individual sites require.

NETWORK unites more than 70 individual distributors to support customers. How will you ensure each of my locations receives the same program, pricing and service levels?

NETWORK customers work with a single point of contact, and leverage a sophisticated supply chain management system at the corporate level to establish and manage uniform program requirements, including pricing, reporting and billing. At the local level, our regional experts provide technical support and training, local market inventory, and order fulfillment - all within the contracted program requirements.

When I become a NETWORK customer, I need a streamlined conversion process for all of my locations. What can you do to help?

We scope out your specific integration needs up-front, and then follow a tested and proven implementation process to ensure each location can be up and running in a timely manner. Our award-winning systems integrate with EDI, XML, cXML, FTP and other commonly used protocols, making the integration with your procurement, invoicing and reporting systems seamless.